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Friday Favorites on a Saturday

Happy Saturday! We’re snowed in, for the reals, and I’m trying very hard not to be annoyed by it because we need the moisture but it’s basically May so can’t it just rain?!? I’m ready to be able to reliably take the boys outside every day since my main workouts involve sun and the stroller. But, it’s basically May, so I’m holding on to hope that next week’s dismal weather forecast will give way to some sun and warmer temperatures soon. We were so spoiled with a mild winter that being stuck inside in the spring is tough this year!

So, I’m sitting on the sofa, thinking about anything besides the weather, which always involves a little Pinterest dreaming. Here are some things that have me going today!

Favorite Bedroom: Grey and White. I’ve been trying to figure out how to finish our bedroom for like, years. I don’t know exactly what direction I want to head with it, but we’re going to need new bedding and linens this year (I, like everyone else, am in love with this bedding), so it’s time to figure it out! I love the look of this room because plaid is my spirit animal and it looks comfy and cozy without looking unattainable or fussy. I’m thinking whites and greys like this since that’s the direction we’re heading, but with some pattern mixing and maybe a little color–this is a little too white for me, but I love the feel! And that rug. Swoon.

dream bedroom

Favorite Fashion: This lace duster. I just love it. I love things that are super feminine and versatile but that can be worn with jeans and boots, because that’s my life haha.

dusterFavorite Hair Accessories: Knotted hairties. I wear my hair up almost every day, and lately I’ve been wanting something a little prettier than your standard hairtie to pull my hair back with. These are gorgeous!


Favorite Goals: An organized closet. Ugh, don’t you wish your linen closet looked like this?? Although, does anyone have this many extra pillows? I need to invest in some baskets (and new pillows) because I’m tired of looking at falling-down stacks of sheets and towels!

linen closet
Favorite Sweet Treat: Madeleines. In the winter, I want chocolate and apple pie and thick, dense bars for baked goods and treats. In the summer, I want light and fluffy and simple, and madeleines always fit the bill. I’ve only ever made traditional ones, but this makes me want to try new kinds!
Favorite Libation: MIMOSAS. Okay, I’m not big on alcohol, especially alcohol that tastes like alcohol. My mixed drink of choice is a whiskey sour, my favorite beer is Hoegaarden, and I like margaritas, but my favorite, favorite drinks all involve champagne because like plaid, champagne is one of my spirit animals. I think I drank 2+ bottles by myself at my sister-in-law’s wedding. As it gets warmer, and I’m not pregnant anymore, I’ve found myself wanting to sip a little champagne something every now and again, and mimosas are my very favorite.
Favorite To Buy: Promptly Journals. I need two of these, please. They’re a little pricey, so they’re definitely a splurge for me, but I plan on getting one for each of the boys. I’ve been writing down snippets here and there, and keeping track of milestones with pictures, but I love the idea of having a book to hand them when they grow up. Being their mother is already the best thing I’ve ever done, and I want them to know.
promptly journalFavorite Baby Item: Shea Baby Boots. Hold the phone. Hold. The. Freaking. Phone. Have you seen these??!? They’re actual leather crib boots that are cowboy boots that are actual leather boots for babies. I mean, come on. I’m seriously thinking about getting this pair for Buster (and any subsequent siblings since they will probably last forever) for the fall, since all of Wacey’s crib booties are basically shot.
sheababy boots

Favorite “You Get Me” Thing: Sorry I’m Late shirt. This happens on a regular basis, so I need this shirt. That way, I can just point to it instead of offering up explanations as to my tardiness. Alternatively, I can point to the boys, and Wacey can moo, but that’s not quite as clear.
sorry I' late
Favorite Words: “Oh, there you are.” I don’t experience that overwhelming rush of adoration and attachment the very moment I give birth–like a lot of moms, it takes a little time (something that no one seems to talk about). But then, one day, I realize that I am completely in love with this tiny human, and it feels just like this.
Favorite Wishlist Item: Withings watch. I love my Fitbit Charge HR, and wear it every day. My only complaint is that it looks like a fitness tracker and when it’s time to replace it I want something a little sleeker. The keeper on the band of mine broke this week, so I think my poor old Fitbit is going to bite the dust sometime this year. Just out of curiosity, I was looking at what’s out there now for fitness watches since a lot has happened in two years! I came across this Withings watch and I love how it looks and doesn’t scream “Fitness Watch!”, and it has a heart rate monitor which is something I use constantly. This one will definitely be in the running, along with the new Fitbit Charge HR and the Blaze, both of which now have interchangeable bands. What’s a gal to do?
withings watch

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Day in the Life: Branding Calves

morning5:30 am Buster and I wake up for the day! Usually we get up a little later, or go back to sleep after I feed him, but since we needed to be up and at ’em, I decided we may as well get up. And no, nothing’s on fire–the nightlight is, apparently, oddly orange.

buster morning6:00 am after Buster eats and gets a diaper change, he comes downstairs with me while I pump and do a little work (my current location!). He lays on a blanket and squeals and snarfs while I get a little work done or check social media.

buster carseat
7:15 am both boys are up and dressed and their mama is up and dressed, which means that surely somewhere a pig is flying around. Wacey is itching to get going since he’s been excited to brand calves since yesterday, and the car is loaded with everything we need to occupy a two-year-old and take care of a baby while we’re branding, which amounts to lots of snacks and toys, pumped milk, formula, and multiple changes of clothes. I used to think it would be a snap to go to work when I didn’t have to get up super early to catch and saddle a horse and go out and gather cattle, but boy was a wrong. It takes us twice as long to get out of the house, I swear. I retrospect, being in charge of just myself and a horse was lovely–I can grab a granola bar and be good for a long time, and I’m fully potty-trained. Horses handily eat wherever they end up, and pee on the go. I mean, babies do too, but horses don’t require you to change a diaper or run up to you with a stinkbomb in their jeans for you to change.

diaper bag
car selfie7:20 am We’re off! We have car breakfast on mornings where we need to be somewhere early–milk and cereal bars for Wacey, milk and BelVita biscuits, cereal, or a protein bar for me. This morning we’re so early that we decide to head into town (close to the set of pens we’re using to brand that day) to get donuts for the crew and a coffee for me!

pumping8:30 am I’m not sure what was in the water yesterday, but we were early to everything! So, while the guys finished penning the cattle and sorting the calves, I used my handy dandy car adapter to pump again.

pumping view
donuts8:45 am Time for breakfast! Wacey is a donut fiend, and I mean for reals, so this had to happen before anything else. He eats while I get my things in order, feed Buster, and put him in the wrap.

buster wrap
wacey watching ropers
9:00 am Branding is in full swing and our biggest little cowboy is making sure everyone is getting their work done. He’s a great supervisor because he doesn’t mind if you take snack breaks, so long as you share with him.

bert roping10:30 am Watching Bert rope calves is our favorite.

hello cows11:00 am We’re still going strong, but Wacey’s attention and good mood is starting to flag since he woke up earlier than usual. He decides to pay the cows a visit and see what’s happenin’.

truck bath11:30 am Law and order has broken down, Wacey’s attention is officially off the branding proceedings, and he has decided that his pickup needs a wash. I have decided to pray that he doesn’t get something gross from the inevitable slurp of water tank water.

way home
12:30 Branding is over, clothes are changed, Buster is fed, we’re only wearing half an acre’s worth of dirt on our faces, and we are getting the heck outta Dodge. Usually we stay and have lunch with the crew, but my spidey senses are tingling and telling me that a meltdown is imminent–it’s about to be past Wacey’s usual naptime, and he’s t.i.r.e.d, and pretty darn hungry, but not in a way that would be conducive to sitting in a diner. Plus, the rain was about to roll in. I, of course, am pumping again at this point, and inhaling a protein bar.

swing1:30 pm After an enormous lunch for Wace, and a little more food for Buster, both boys are down for their naps. Victory! I get to each lunch alone, which is a BFD, and start a load of very dusty wash.

2:00 pm It’s time to work! I had 150 calves that were waiting to be entered into the book and database.

coworker2:30 pm Buster’s having a hard time settling down, so I bring him to come and lay near me while I work.

still working4:30 pm I work and check emails (and pump, and eat–are you sensing a theme here??) pretty steadily until the end of naptime. I love getting work done in a quiet house–it’s amazing how productive mamas can be when their attention isn’t divided twelve ways haha.

bucket5:00 pm We have some post-nap, pre-dinner shenanigans that involve me spying on Wacey while he plays “46511322475 Things To Do With A Bucket.”

dinner6:00 pm Dinnertime! Dinner was homemade meatballs and spaghetti with Texas Toast–perfect stick-to-your-ribs food for the end of a long day.

After dinner, bath and bed for both boys, with us following not too long after because the caption to a Norman Rockwell painting of us after 7 pm would be captioned “Tired AF”. Half-joking about how lame we were (but proud of it), Bert said “What if the cows get out or something and someone comes to the door and we’re in bed at 8:30?” Me:

let them come
you shall not pass
Hey, at least I’m honest. In all seriousness, if the cows had been out, we’d have put them up, but we wouldn’t have enjoyed it and I would have given them the stink eye in the morning.

Now. It’s past my bedtime, and we get to get up early early and haul our butts down to the barn to breed some cows, so we’re just going to end this here. Which makes sense, because after the “We’re lame for going to bed at 8:30” discussion, we went to bed at 8:30.


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Weekend and Caking Cows

family photo

watching daddy


This post brought to you by a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Yes. Buster slept from 10:30 pm to 6:00 am and while that’s still a little short for me, I will 100% take it because I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed, burp, or change him. I am also 100% certain this was a fluke because he was awake so much yesterday with an upset tummy, and he isn’t even six weeks old yet so I know better than to hope for this to stick, but it’s refreshing and lovely to know that it is, in fact, possible, and that there is a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel that is months of nighttime shenanigans.

He also could have been worn out from the weekend because what a weekend! Saturday we ventured down to the Big City to see Bert’s cousin get married and to visit with his mama’s family. Wacey wore himself out wrestling and dancing with his cousins, and Buster was handed around for hours. I had two mimosas, and we sort of got a family picture. It was a win-win. We stopped and visited with friends on the way home from town, so it was a very long, social day for us!

Yesterday was a slower day–somehow, by the grace of God, both boys slept until 8:30, so we did, too! I spent the day trying to get more baby smiles out of Buster, putzing around the house, doing wash and starting giant piles for ThredUp and Goodwill, and cleaning the upstairs bathrooms that hadn’t been cleaned since before Buster was born…ahem.

Then, once the boys were up from their naps, we all went out together to cake cows–a first as a foursome! Wacey, of course, loves to cake cows (imagine!). He is a little boy that wants pretty badly to be grown–there are so many things he wants to help with and do, but just can’t yet, and it makes him so sad. For now, we’ve found a (likely temporary solution) in encouraging him to watch Daddy very closely when he can’t help so that he can learn what to do when he is big enough, which is why he spends a good amount of time with his face glued to a truck window. It’s pretty safe to say that Bert will have a little shadow as soon as Wace is old enough to be horseback by himself!

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us on the ranch–we’re hoping for two brandings, weather permitting, plus a day of breeding cows. Thrown in there is my six week postpartum appointment, a party, and the requisite I’m-in-town-so-I-have-to-go-to-a-store-I-don’t-normally-go-to Target or Costco run. After a slower winter and the post-baby lazy period, it looks like life is back in full swing!

Happy (hopefully warm) Monday!!!