Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites on a Saturday

Happy Saturday! We’re snowed in, for the reals, and I’m trying very hard not to be annoyed by it because we need the moisture but it’s basically May so can’t it just rain?!? I’m ready to be able to reliably take the boys outside every day since my main workouts involve sun and the stroller. But, it’s basically May, so I’m holding on to hope that next week’s dismal weather forecast will give way to some sun and warmer temperatures soon. We were so spoiled with a mild winter that being stuck inside in the spring is tough this year!

So, I’m sitting on the sofa, thinking about anything besides the weather, which always involves a little Pinterest dreaming. Here are some things that have me going today!

Favorite Bedroom: Grey and White. I’ve been trying to figure out how to finish our bedroom for like, years. I don’t know exactly what direction I want to head with it, but we’re going to need new bedding and linens this year (I, like everyone else, am in love with this bedding), so it’s time to figure it out! I love the look of this room because plaid is my spirit animal and it looks comfy and cozy without looking unattainable or fussy. I’m thinking whites and greys like this since that’s the direction we’re heading, but with some pattern mixing and maybe a little color–this is a little too white for me, but I love the feel! And that rug. Swoon.

dream bedroom

Favorite Fashion: This lace duster. I just love it. I love things that are super feminine and versatile but that can be worn with jeans and boots, because that’s my life haha.

dusterFavorite Hair Accessories: Knotted hairties. I wear my hair up almost every day, and lately I’ve been wanting something a little prettier than your standard hairtie to pull my hair back with. These are gorgeous!


Favorite Goals: An organized closet. Ugh, don’t you wish your linen closet looked like this?? Although, does anyone have this many extra pillows? I need to invest in some baskets (and new pillows) because I’m tired of looking at falling-down stacks of sheets and towels!

linen closet
Favorite Sweet Treat: Madeleines. In the winter, I want chocolate and apple pie and thick, dense bars for baked goods and treats. In the summer, I want light and fluffy and simple, and madeleines always fit the bill. I’ve only ever made traditional ones, but this makes me want to try new kinds!
Favorite Libation: MIMOSAS. Okay, I’m not big on alcohol, especially alcohol that tastes like alcohol. My mixed drink of choice is a whiskey sour, my favorite beer is Hoegaarden, and I like margaritas, but my favorite, favorite drinks all involve champagne because like plaid, champagne is one of my spirit animals. I think I drank 2+ bottles by myself at my sister-in-law’s wedding. As it gets warmer, and I’m not pregnant anymore, I’ve found myself wanting to sip a little champagne something every now and again, and mimosas are my very favorite.
Favorite To Buy: Promptly Journals. I need two of these, please. They’re a little pricey, so they’re definitely a splurge for me, but I plan on getting one for each of the boys. I’ve been writing down snippets here and there, and keeping track of milestones with pictures, but I love the idea of having a book to hand them when they grow up. Being their mother is already the best thing I’ve ever done, and I want them to know.
promptly journalFavorite Baby Item: Shea Baby Boots. Hold the phone. Hold. The. Freaking. Phone. Have you seen these??!? They’re actual leather crib boots that are cowboy boots that are actual leather boots for babies. I mean, come on. I’m seriously thinking about getting this pair for Buster (and any subsequent siblings since they will probably last forever) for the fall, since all of Wacey’s crib booties are basically shot.
sheababy boots

Favorite “You Get Me” Thing: Sorry I’m Late shirt. This happens on a regular basis, so I need this shirt. That way, I can just point to it instead of offering up explanations as to my tardiness. Alternatively, I can point to the boys, and Wacey can moo, but that’s not quite as clear.
sorry I' late
Favorite Words: “Oh, there you are.” I don’t experience that overwhelming rush of adoration and attachment the very moment I give birth–like a lot of moms, it takes a little time (something that no one seems to talk about). But then, one day, I realize that I am completely in love with this tiny human, and it feels just like this.
Favorite Wishlist Item: Withings watch. I love my Fitbit Charge HR, and wear it every day. My only complaint is that it looks like a fitness tracker and when it’s time to replace it I want something a little sleeker. The keeper on the band of mine broke this week, so I think my poor old Fitbit is going to bite the dust sometime this year. Just out of curiosity, I was looking at what’s out there now for fitness watches since a lot has happened in two years! I came across this Withings watch and I love how it looks and doesn’t scream “Fitness Watch!”, and it has a heart rate monitor which is something I use constantly. This one will definitely be in the running, along with the new Fitbit Charge HR and the Blaze, both of which now have interchangeable bands. What’s a gal to do?
withings watch

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