#RuralWellnessChallenge Week 1


Heeeey guys hey! It’s the end of Week 1 of my Rural Wellness Challenge. Y’all, it was a great week in lots of ways but also a little rough. I got 4/5 days on walks and D15, but all days on my squats. Definitely room for improvement!

Best Day: Tuesday with nearly 12,000 steps, 27 floors, and 54 active minutes
Worst Day: probably today.
Proud that: I squeezed in some workouts around weird schedules and funky weather.
Not proud that: I only got 4/5 days.
Next week’s goal: 5/5 days for D15 and walks, plus trying to remember to eat more protein!

I’m in a funky place where I’m having trouble staying motivated as the week goes on. I think it’s partially due to lack of planning, and needing to be smarter about which days I choose to take off. The good news is that I can just keep trying for better! My end goal for exercise is to be as active as I was before Buster’s third trimester–consistently exercising 4-5 days a week (with a mix of cardio/HIIT/weights), and averaging 70,000+ steps per week and 45 active minutes per exercise day–so baby steps! Everything counts. One day at a time. Begin again. All those things!




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