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Welcome! Hi! Howdy!

Oh my gosh you guys, I’ve written, re-written, and imagined about writing, this post a thousand times. The first post. The First Post. The First Post.  How should I write it? What would it say? How should it say it? Do I dive right in and start posting like mad? Do I have a little intro into the blog? Do I try and hide my crazy and ease you in as we go along, so as not to alarm you? Or do I let it all out so you know what you’re going to get right off the bat? Do I try and have an amazing, slam-bang finish (start?) planned? If you can name that Christmas movie, we should basically be real life best friends.

Or, do we just #reallife this business and try a mix of everything?

Yes. Let’s go with that.

I’m SO happy you’re here. This blog has been a dream of mine for years. I’ve started, I’ve stopped, I’ve false-started, and I hope this is neither a start-stop nor a false start. I don’t plan it to be! I’ve held back because the internet can be a scary place, and because I wanted to be so sure about my audience and my goals, but I am so passionate about sharing the story of agriculture in general and ranching in specific that it’s time to overcome the scaredy-catties (yes, that’s a thing) and just get going! Also, life is too short to just dream, and I want my boys to see their mama pursuing something that helps me feel happy and fulfilled outside of my “mama” role.

So, this blog. What can you expect from it, from me? You can expect an honest, not-always-pretty, not-photoshopped-or-staged look into our lives on an actual, working cattle ranch.



We work for one of the biggest ranches in the country (that, because we don’t own it, will go unnamed), and our division grows the bulls for the rest of the divisions, which combined include around 15,000 head of cattle. Here, we have about 1200 mother cows, all registered (meaning purebred, papered cattle). Our herd includes Black and Red Angus, Charolais, Hereford, and a Red Angus-Charolais cross. We have so many breeds here because we have several different divisions to which we provide bulls and they have varying criteria for their male bovine needs. The ranch is run more traditionally, with the guys doing pretty much everything horseback vs. on four-wheelers, although we do use tractors and pickups to feed in the winter, so horses (and dogs!) are a huge part of our lives, too.


I work for the ranch as the “office lady”, which means my time is split between your regular administrative stuff like paperwork and invoices, and keeping up with our cattle records, which are extensive, and making sure everyone is fed when we have big cow working days, and always carrying extra pens because someone always needs one. I work primarily from home (I go to my office at headquarters a few times a week for just a little bit) since I have Wacey with me, unless we’re working cows, in which case we’re allll in the barn. If it sounds crazy, it sort of is, but it’s also pretty great.

working bulls calves day 1.jpg

And no, I have no idea how we’re going to work all this out with two very small boys, but the Lord chose me, in this season, to be their mother and so I have faith that we’re going to make it work. We sort of have to, right? Right.

Now, if Starbucks could open a branch in my barn, or do an auto-delivery each morning of  an Espresso Frappucino Light, we’d be so set.


Welcome! So glad you’re here! Please bear with me as I hammer out the kinks, and please oh please leave your questions, comments, constructive criticisms, you name it. All I ask is that you be kind, because the internet is so often an unkind place. We don’t need to add to that!

(Seriously, thank you for being here, thank you for reading, please stick around!)