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We’re Back!

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Wacey four wheeler
happy Buster high chair
Mama and Buster moose hat shipping
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Hi! Howdy! Hey!

We’re (sort of) back in business! With a combination of more mobile data and using my phone as a hotspot, we *sort of* have internet access. It’ll work for now, but we’re really hoping that the fiber-optic that is supposed to happen in the next year or two actually does happen, and sooner rather than later. Also our address still doesn’t exist, so that’s cool.

Anyways, Misadventures of Rural Living aside, we’re finally moved in. Almost all the boxes are unpacked, and while I haven’t hung up any pictures or curtains yet, it’s all ready to go so that’s something, right?

A quick update on me and mine:

Wacey—will be three in a month (WHAT) and is hilarious. He’s talking so much, and is exercising his voice a lot to tell us just how independent he is. We’re getting a lot of “No!” and “What’s that?” and the way he says “peanut butter sandwich” isn’t even phonetically type-able but I hope he says it that way until…forever. He wants to drive trucks and ride broncs and go on a train more than anything in the world, and is the sweetest little boy when he’s not telling us “Nono likey dis!!” and even then, he’s pretty sweet. We’re throwing him a party

Buster—is almost ten months, weighs over 27 pounds, and is the happiest, silliest giant chunk of Jabba rolls you’ve ever seen. He’s *finally* eating some table foods without choking (he’s a major choker) and has never met a puree he didn’t like, except for carrots, for which I blame him not at all. He’s sort of crawling, mostly dragging himself along the floor eating every tiny thing he can get his hands on. He’s a pretty good sleeper (because people love to know about that, I guess) and will sleep through the night about half the week, and wake up once the other nights. Mostly he wakes up because he pees through every diaper ever invented (yes, we’ve tried them all, and yes, he’s in the right size). Diapers just aren’t meant to fit husky babes, I guess.

Bert—is really enjoying his new job. I think this ranch is going to be a little better fit, and so far he’s been really happy in his work, which makes me happy too. His heifers are due to start calving on the 15th, so expect baby calf pictures any day! He’s really looking forward to a slower spring than we’ve ever had (commercial calves are much less work, and we don’t AI here), and is excited to ride some colts and eventually get some leather work and exercise in. He got the flu over Christmas, which is awful, but is on the mend except for a weird lingering dry cough to which we all say “What gives, flu?”

Dogs—Gaucho is still fat and loyal, Rivet is still canine anti-social but wants to be a mean-looking lap dog, Punch is still hyper and sort of annoying but very loveable, and Scooter is still a loud, crazy, silly puppy.

Me—I’m so glad for a new year. While I would never, never wish away last year because #Buster but also because we learned so much both individually and as a family, it was a hard year and I’m not sad to see the back of it and have a fresh start and keep moving forward. I’m going to be spending the next week or so on the blog reflecting and talking about goals for next year. I think this is going to be a good year! Non New-Year’s, I am dealing with a little sickness, too (an infected tear duct. Humans are disgusting, y’all) but am also on the mend and so thankful that these are the only health issues we’ve had as of late. I’m excited to get back into a real exercise routine (maybe a February #RuralWellnessChallenge?)

Stay tuned for some New Year’s posts. I’ve also resolved to stay pretty active on Instagram (@cassidyamelia) so follow us there too!



Currently 9.15.17

I couldn’t get myself together for a Friday Favorites post today, so instead I’m doing a Currently.

Time and place: 3:32 pm, my living room. Wacey decided he wasn’t down for a nap today, so he’s (sort of) quietly watching Alice in Wonderland (the live-action because I love it), and I’m feeling quiet and a little lazy myself.

write the word

Loving: my new devotional. Guys, these things have my heart. I grounds me to take a little time (or snatches of time) to do a page every day. I’ve talked about my love of these devotionals before, but I was without one for a few weeks because I finished my last one right before they restocked the shop, and I missed it so much! I ordered this one the very minute they were back in stock, but of course put the wrong shipping address in (we don’t get USPS to our house, so we have a PO box in town and I entered our home address) so I had to wait extra long for it to arrive. Shout out to their customer service for helping me fix my error!

Craving: My favorite restaurants. We haven’t done much restaurant exploring yet (maybe due to the fact that the nearest town with a decent amount of restaurants is 50 miles away) and I’ve got a hankering for Chinese and Italian–Hoong’s Palace and the Saucy Noodle, specifically, if you’re near Denver! Our anniversary is next week, maybe I can convince Bert that a little restaurant reconnoitering is in order.


Repeating: my love for grey paint. I know I’ve harped on and on about it here and on IG, but when something is life-changing, I get obsessed and I can’t shut up about it. I finished the Revere Pewter and y’all, it’s transformative. It feels like home.

folding nook

Planning: next week’s assault on the laundry room. It’s getting a fresh coat of paint (obviously, since I can’t stop), and I’m really excited to add some things to make it more functional. There’s a weird recess in the wall that’s entirely wasted space, and in a house this small, that’s almost a sin. It’s going to get two big shelves and a tension rod (the above picture has the right idea) so I finally have a place to put laundry and hang up Bert’s clean shirts without having to schlep piles of clothes all over the house. It’s funny, even though this house is a lot smaller than our last one, it has things I’ve always wanted, like a giant, actually functional mudroom, and space in the laundry room for folding, full baskets, and hanging clothes.

Seeking: Organizational solutions. I feel like we need a few more helps to make this house really tick, but I’m unsure about what they are or where to find them. I think my main issue is the absence of a junk drawer! I don’t have anywhere for pens or notepads or odds and ends like baby nail clippers and phone cords to live and I’m paralyzed.

Cherishing: Wacey’s word rush! All of a sudden he has all these words, and it’s amazing. He’ll just look at something and call it what it is, having never said the word before, and each time it’s a celebration. Watching kids learn is great.

Missing: home, just a little bit. I see pictures of the ranch and the calves and it’s still surreal that we’re here and not there. That place will always have a little piece of my heart. But you know, that’s how it’s supposed to be.


Awaiting: Guys, I have a problem. It’s called Fall/Winter clothing, and I can’t help myself. I’m all about clothes that are comfortable but not always leggings that I can wear anywhere, play in, and still feel like an adult human. I also love crew neck sweatshirts, and was recently bemoaning the fact that one of my favorites is almost worn out, so this beauty is on its way to me to replace it. I’m officially put myself on a clothing-purchase moratorium until my birthday because a) we have a budget and b) control yourself, Johnston. Seriously.

Cooking: we have a few uneaten meals on the calendar from the past two weeks due to leftovers and impromptu fried-rice-making nights so I have a few choices for this evening: Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken, chicken cutlets, or burgers. And I really can’t decide! Because what I really want is takeout. #ranchgalproblems

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is full of whatever you need most.