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Less Formal Friday (okay, Saturday) Faves

I had almost a whole “Currently” post written, and went back and re-read it, and holy complaining, Batman! I’ve hit the point in my pregnancy where I can’t quite keep a handle on my feelings (and there are so many feelings), and things have felt a little out-of-control and stressful lately, but I don’t want that to be the new normal for the next few months. It’s so easy to fall into the deep, dark pit of “I hate everything.” But, I don’t like being in that pit, and it’s not fair to my boys for me to be in that pit.

So I scrapped that post, and instead I’m going to share some positive, happy things, although I am a day late and a dollar short. Ah, well.

Oh, baby things. They never cease to give me the warm fuzzies. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these bibs! We loved having bandana-style bibs for Wacey–they seemed less bulky and easier to manage, but I was washing all of his baby clothes for Bub and most of them are so milk-stained that I think we need new ones. In my search for non-stupid bibs, I came across this etsy shop and I’m in love! I tend to dress my babies in plain onesies, too, so these are perfect.

We don’t do “push presents,” but I am gifting myself a pair of new moccasins (I’ve talked about them before, I know), because my old ones are shot and since I’ll be living in mocs from the moment we leave for the hospital to the moment I feel like a human again, I think it’s an appropriate investment. I know a girl that got a BMW as a push present, so this isn’t quite on that scale, but they do look prettttty cozy, and I love the blue. After the spend-spend-spend of the holiday season, I am trying to be so much more mindful of what I spend money on, but I’ve done my research and these are perfect. Now, LL Bean, please have a sale. Love, me.
Women's Wicked Good MoccasinsWomen's Wicked Good Moccasins
Wacey’s SECOND (what?!) birthday is in a few short weeks, and I’m so excited about the present we got him–a sandbox! He got so many gifts for Christmas that we didn’t feel the need to go crazy for his birthday. I found this one for a great deal at Target, and yes, it’s a little cheesy, and I would have preferred a wooden one, but it’s going on our deck (to help mitigate the rattlesnake situation) so we needed one with both a bottom and a cover that’s easy to move around. We’re not doing a big birthday party, but we’re going to spend the day doing what Wacey wants to do. I’m envisioning balloons everywhere, chocolate donuts for breakfast, spending most of the day at the barn, and a trip into town for frozen yogurt and chicken lo mein.

Or just six hours in a tractor. You know.
sandboxValentine’s Day has never been a big holiday for us since we’re always calving, but I have to admit that I love Valentine’s candy. I’m trying hard to cut back on the sugar as it exacerbates these wild mood swings, but when I do indulge I love to have a little heart-shaped box of chocolates, or some conversation hearts. I’m also really interested in trying Halo Top ice cream as part of this new effort!

I also picked up some craft supplies today to make a few Valentine’s banners for around the house, and I’m so looking forward to some pink festiveness in this house full of boys!

Also in the less-sugar realm, I’m back to drinking more tea instead of Starbucks Via Refreshers as my caffeine source. I don’t know why I ever stop drinking tea, because I really do love having a mug of something hot, and the no calories/no sugar (I drink it black) is really a big bonus. I have a couple go-tos (Bigelow’s Plantation Mint and Constant Comment), and I discovered that Amazon carried their Green Tea with Mint so I ordered a big box it’s so good. I love mint tea, my tummy loves mint tea, my mood and head love caffeinated mint tea, we’re just so happy together. My favorite decaf option is, of course, Celestial Seasonings’ Peppermint.

You know what else I love? Finding new shops to follow on Instagram, new podcasts to listen to, and new books to read. New additions: Southern Fried Chics Boutique on the Insta; Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Pantsuit Politics for podcasts; and Hidden Figures, Sudden Death, Evicted, and the Magnolia Story are on request at the library. The latest episode of the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey featured Anne behind Modern Mrs. Darcy, and expanded my must-read and must-listen-to list exponentially!

And, of course, I’m still living in my jogger sweats. If you’re pregnant, get you some. Seriously.

I hope your Saturday was wonderful!! I am not going to talk about politics much here, but I will say that I hope your day, regardless of what you did or who you voted for, was about being proud to be an American, and the rights that we are so blessed to have in this country, and not about being hateful. I hope that we can all be tolerant of and kind to one another no matter what–I hope this also extends to your friends and family who voted differently from you!

On that note, it’s Documentary and Dessert night here in the Johnston household, so we’re keepin’ it classy with Milk Duds and Oreos with a side of a documentary about ISIS. I know, it’s hard to not be suuuuuper jealous of and intimidated by our rockstar lifestyle.







Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! I’m glad. You’re probably glad. If you’re not glad, I’m sorry. Maybe go get some ice cream? Or Starbucks? Or a whiskey?

I’d love all three, to be honest, but only two are available to me at this present juncture.

I hope your week was great! My week felt long. It’s funny…in the third trimester, you’re both willing time to stop and for it to speed up, and this week felt like exactly that. I’m planning on knocking some baby to-dos off of the list this weekend, though, so I think that will help my ability to relax. Right now, though, I’m dreaming of life post-pregnancy. I’m not wishing away these last weeks in the slightest, but y’all? I feel huge, my hips are killing me, and I miss my waist. And, as nervous as I am about doing the newborn thing again, we cannot wait to meet Bub and just snuggle the heck outta him. Nine months is a long time to know everything about a person without ever meeting him, and I’m getting impatient. Will he favor me, or Bert, or will he be like Wace and be halvsies? Will he have as much hair as his brother? Will Wacey fall in love with him right away, or try to kill him for awhile? I’ve been assured of the latter, but that boy of mine loves babies so much that maybe we’ll get lucky.

Anyways. Favorite things.

Before I jump into postpartum dreaming favorite things, I wanted to share one thing that has helped so much this week. Lavender oil. I’ve had trouble sleeping lately, partially due to being 30 weeks pregnant, and partially due to Bert night calving two nights this week–I don’t sleep as well when he’s not home, and it’s so rough to be tired! I’m not ready for that business yet. But, after putting a dab of this on each wrist right before bed, I’m out in a hurry and I have a much easier time falling asleep if I wake up in the night. I don’t know if it’s a fluke or not, but I don’t care because it works and it smells so good! I’ll likely throw it in my hospital bag to help calm those baby day nerves.


PS–speaking of Baby Day, I’ve reached the point where the doctor is talking about it, and we’re making plans for when it’s time. On one hand, I’m so excited. On the other hand, I’m running around with my fingers shoved in my ears yelling “I’m not listening!” and humming. Not, literally, of course, as I can’t really run at the moment.

Anyways, figurative running and confused emotions aside, here are some other things that have my heart all a-flutter this week.

Favorite frivolous baby item: Bison swaddle set. We have so many swaddle blankets, but I might get this for Bub, or at least the Bison one, because I just love them, and it never hurts to have a little something new for a new babe. Wouldn’t a newborn cowboy look so sweet snuggled up in those??

Favorite Flowy: Francis and Benedict Aztec Maxi. I have nowhere to wear this. But gosh, isn’t it beautiful? I think it would be perfect for post-baby, too–a wide waistband and a flattering cut are excellent for that particular problem area. Maybe for my class reunion this summer? Or for a wedding? Or a baby shower? Actually, maybe I do have a place to wear this!!! Plus, this company is doing really great things! And also: pockets.
View More:
Favorite Festive: Paint chip egg banner. Easter will be our  first holiday as a family of four, and I know Wace will actually want to egg hunt this year! I got a few decorations at after-Easter sales last year, and you’d better bet I’ll have them up as soon as possible, maybe before Bub’s even born so I don’t have to deal with it after. We have a spot in the house where I hung a banner at Christmas, and I loved how festive it looked, so this is definitely on the docket for Easter. I plan on doing this one for Valentine’s!


Favorite…what?? I’m not even sure what I love about this outfit, except that it looks so easy and there is a waistline involved, and although I have very little of it in my closet, olive is such a pretty color. Mostly, I think it’s waistline envy–I cannot wait to get back into my old jeans! Or real jeans, period. Remember when bending over was a thing?!? I don’t.
Favorite Footwear: Kork-ease Berit wedges. OH MY HEAVENS THESE SHOES. I’ve been thinking about them since last summer, which is a sure sign I need to get a pair. I think these would look adorable with skinnys, and they’re leather, and a wedge, so I could wear them to a rodeo right? Right. I have not one single pair of wedges left from my college days, and if I’m going to be the only girl round these here parts I think I deserve a pair! If anyone knows my husband, maybe direct him thisaway for Mother’s Day??

Favorite Feminine: Lace Tunic. Isn’t this gorgeous? Also looks like it would go great with a newborn and a toddler! Kidding, kidding. I think this would be another great still-losing-weight postpartum option, and I love how it nips in at the waist. It’s also a really beautiful option to go under a blazer with some jeans and boots, which are, of course, another one of my love languages.


Favorite Hair: Updo for short hair. I’m not going to kid myself that I’m going to be able to fix my hair a lot after Bub is born, and I bet me and my already good friend Dry Shampoo will become busom buddies. This is pretty for when you want to do something other than a messy bun and haven’t washed your hair in awhile. Read: new mama. Or, when your hair resembles a bird’s nest and not in a good way. It’s the little things, folks, plus this one comes with a tutorial for all-thumbs folks like me.
Favorite Favorite: Solly Baby Wrap. One of my favorite memories from when Wacey was bitty was carrying him around in this wrap, and I can’t wait to carry Bub in the same one. I love having babies snuggled up so close and tight, and newborns are so tiny and precious!


Thank you for reading, and have an excellent weekend! Mine will be full of–what else–house cleaning, organizing, baby-clothes-washing, baby calves, and let’s get real, probably Starbucks. Because at this point, I will drive thirty miles for one and I’m not even that ashamed.

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Pregnancy Loves and a Bumpdate

Hey and happy Friday! We’re on day three of some pretty cold weather, but that’s okay because we don’t have any calves born yet and also I don’t have to go outside much–perk of being very pregnant and having tons of office stuff to do, I suppose!

I’m firmly in the Third Trimester (aka the S**t’s About to Get Real Trimester) and I’m happy and nervous and excited and scared all at once. I’m really starting to feel pregnant and pretty darn uncomfortable which is no fun, but I know it’s temporary. That being said, I’m in survival mode over here, and thought I’d share a few things that are getting me through.


Zantac: Oh hey, heartburn. Didn’t see you there. So glad you’re here. Really. This boy must be as hairy as his brother!
PiYo: Oh hey, hips hurting all the time. Didn’t see you there. So glad you’re here. Really. My go-to workout is long walks with Wacey in the jogger, but lately the hills have proved a little much for my preggo self. So, for now, it’s walks on a flat treadmill with these workouts a few times a week. They’re easily modified for basketball bellies, and I always feel like I worked hard without having to jump around. I got my full set on eBay for less than $30 brand new, PS.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: I love this for an itchy belly. Bert put it in my stocking and I am ever so grateful he did–it lasts much longer than lotion but isn’t as expensive is lots of other butters and balms. I find that lots of things labeled as being for “baby” or “mama” are more expensive because they’re labeled that way, but you can get the exact same thing for a lot less if you’re okay with forgoing all that cute packaging.
Bobbi Brown Concealer: It’s hard for me to feel pretty when I’m pregnant, and I so appreciate makeup that helps. I wear this every day, pregnant or not, but I appreciate it even more right now!
Joggers: These pants. These pants! I love them. So. Much. They’re even more comfortable than leggings, and I’m thinking about ordering more. So soft, so comfortable under the belly, and I haven’t taken them off in three days except to wash them.
Dry Volume Blast: Big bump, big hair. My aunt and uncle gifted me with hair and makeup supplies for Christmas, and I love it. Big hair makes me feel less like a bowling pin when I’m pregnant, and for that, you need this!
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: This goes along with the Zantac, because the only thing that calms my heartburn before the Zantac kicks in is milk and ice cream. I like to have some good ole Vanilla Bean with strawberries in the evening after dinner and it’s lovely.
BumpStart long-sleeve tees: I love these. My mom got me a black one and a white one, and I wear them constantly–like right now! They’re thick enough that you don’t need a cami underneath, and fit really, really well. Bonus, they’re super affordable so you can buy several.
Sports Bra: Another mom gift, and I LOVE this one. Again, will likely buy more. It’s so much more comfortable than a regular bra (TMI? Probably not, since it’s pretty simple physics that an underwire has no where to go but digging into your ribs, and that’s uncomfortable).
Flannel Sheets: Ohhhhh, these sheets. We were gifted this exact set (by my mom, who obviously knows precisely what I need) and they are so wonderful. It makes crawling into bed an absolute dream. They are thick, wash really well, and just keep getting softer.
Essie Chinchilly: Bert slipped this into my stocking this year as I was having a hard time finding it at our local Walmarts (but of course he walks in and finds it immediately) and I love it. Essie wears so well, and adds just a little more pretty to my large self. This dries more grey than taupe, just FYI.
Starbucks cup: I know I’ve talked about this cup specifically and my Starbucks cup addiction in general, but it really does help me to remember to drink my water to have a pretty straw cup to drink out of!


bump-selfie-with-waceBoth my boys! We like bedhead, no-makeup, jammies-and-sweats selfies around here.

Bub is growing, growing! We have one more ultrasound in about a month and I’m excited to see him again–my last OB didn’t offer another ultrasound after the anatomy scan, so this is a change for us.

How far along: almost 30 weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight gain: 15+ pounds (I’m not actually sure–this is pretty terrible, but I don’t remember what my starting weight was!)
Maternity clothes: I have been wearing a lot more regular clothes this pregnancy than with Wacey, it’s kind of weird, but I think it’s because Bub is sitting transverse and super low so nothing is comfortable. Out of necessity I’m wearing more and more maternity tees, but I’ve been living in joggers and leggings. If I do have to wear jeans, I have a couple pairs from when I was pregnant with Wacey that are good for a couple of hours, or a pair or regular jeans a little bigger than my normal size hairtied waaaaay below the belly haha.
Sleep: It’s on and off–putting a pillow between my knees and changing the sleep number on my side of the bed has helped a lot. Mostly, I have to make sure that I don’t drink too much before bed because if Bub kicks me in a full bladder at 2am it hurts and I have a hard time getting back to sleep.
Best moment this month: We’ll go with month as “the last four weeks” since it’s the first week of January. Christmas, obviously, was amazing, and getting out for our first movie date in years was so wonderful. I also mucked out some major stress-inducing areas of our house and things are starting to feel so fresh and so clean clean. Or as fresh and clean as they can get when you live on a ranch, haha.
Worst moment this month: The recurrence of the dreaded pregnancy hip pain. It’s a bear, and I’m figuring out ways to manage it, but man oh man, 9-10 more weeks of this business is going to be no fun. Ah, well. And, I had my glucose test last week, and my results were just a little on the high side, so I have to go back for the three-hour test next week, ick.
Miss anything: Being able to bend over or do anything without being out of breath. But mostly, my normal jeans. This was about the point with Wacey when I really missed regular jeans and just being able to throw on clothes without the production of having to rest in between haha.
Movement: OH YES. Right in the bladder. I think he might be migrating upwards, though!!!! Just keep swimming, Little Brother!
Cravings:  Fresh food like fruit and salad, and oddly? Chicken and waffles. And a burger from this great place in Boulder that has a pretzel bun and the best cheese buuuuuuuut it’s a little excessive to drive almost 200 miles round-trip for a burger.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, minus being so full after 5pm I can hardly eat and some wicked heartburn starting at about ten in the morning every day. But, nope, none of that junk from the first trimester! You take whatever you can get at this point.
Looking forward to: Short term, this month has so many exciting things–a concert and the Stock Show this weekend, a visit from one of my favorite people (my aunt) later this month, and elf-ing for Wacey’s birthday in a month. Longer term, meeting little brother! I’ve been pretty nervous about being a mom of two, I kind of just want to get started with it already. Also my old jeans. I miss them so!
Hope your Friday is spectacular and your weekend is sunny, both literally and figuratively!